Polymerkaran Company is a manufacturer of rubber and rubber-metal parts used in vehicle and household appliances manufacturing, water and sewage, and…industries


Laboratory and Quality Control

Polymerkaran has access to appropriate laboratorial facilities and efficient personnel in quality section. This enables the company to control the process of manufacturing a product, from the first stage; entrance of raw materials, producing compound, pressing, deflashing, packaging, and shipping the product to the customer’s warehouse. The control stages are designed according to OPC. These stages are anticipated for each product in the engineering section as a control or test plan and are handed to the relevant agents.


At the present, the laboratory of the company contains some test apparatuses for measuring physical and mechanical behavior of vulcanized rubber and determining curing parameters of compounds. These apparatuses are as follows:


-          Tensile test machine : An apparatus for tension and compression testing to determine the Tensile strength, Elongation at break, Modulus and tear resistance.

-          Rheometer: Testing apparatus for determining the curing parameters of compounds.

-          Durometer: for measuring hardness of rubber.

-          Compression set determining device.

-          Precise laboratorial oven for heat resistance and Aging Tests.

-          Sensitive digital balances to measure density and resistance against solvents and oils

-          Some tools specifically used for testing functioning and montage.

Rheometer Test
Tensile Test 1
Tensile Test 2
Dynamic Test