Polymerkaran Company is a manufacturer of rubber and rubber-metal parts used in vehicle and household appliances manufacturing, water and sewage, and…industries


The Policies of Polymerkaran Company

In order to reach the following goals, the company’s personnel, recognizing the quality system, try to follow it.

  • Manufacturing products in accordance with customer’s desired quality and the standards and guaranteeing homogeneity of the product during manufacturing.
  • Reliance on participation of the experienced personnel, training principles, and continuous improvement.
  • Gaining the customers’ confidence and trust in terms of preserving the desired quality and delivering products on time and loyalty to the agreements.
  • The organization’s responsibility for the company’s products.
  • Institutionalization of observing the standards and quality principles among the personnel and, finally, shifting from quality control system to auto-control system.
  • Creating good co-operation, participation, and sense of responsibility among the personnel for achieving the goals of the organization.
  • Attracting co-operation and participation of all the personnel for reducing the wastes to zero.
  •  Reducing costs as well as preserving quality in order to have constant presence in the competing  market and increase productivity.
  • Having an attempt to be present in the international markets.
  • Continuous training and advancing the level of science, social knowledge and motivation of the personnel in order to develop in terms of human resources.
  • Contentious attempt for development  of company’s facilities both in hardware and software equipment.

The policies may be revised regarding the progresses and direction of the organization.