Polymerkaran Company is a manufacturer of rubber and rubber-metal parts used in vehicle and household appliances manufacturing, water and sewage, and…industries



 The Company started its activities in 1996 and relying on its technical capabilities and sense of responsibility toward its obligations and commitments, in the course of years has succeeded in winning the confidence of the customers so greatly that the volume of cooperation with contracting parties has been ever-increasing. One of the main and strategic aims of Polymerkaran Company is continuous development and improvement in all aspects. In line with this aim, from the viewpoint of manufacturing facilities, the Company has increased the number of its machineries every year and in 2002 constructed a suitable place for its factory and central office. At the present, the company’s premise is a land measuring 1800 square meters on which a building with surface area of 1100 square meters has been constructed. On the other hand, simultaneous with expansion of manufacturing space and increase in the number of machineries, the software part of the Company’s system too has been in progress and with perfect establishment of Quality Management System in year 2003, the Company was awarded ISO9001:2000 Certificate by RWTUV Company. Then, considering the increased production capacity of automobile making companies and requirements fixed by those companies, Quality Management System based on ISO/TS-16949:2002 Standard was included in the agenda of the Company. The project started in second half of 2003 and yielded its fruit in 2004. The Company was inspected by RWTUV Company and ISO/TS-16949:2002 was awarded to Polymerkaran Company.The certificate was re-confirmed every year. For the last time it has been confirmed for the period of  3year by DQS company at 2012.