Polymerkaran Company is a manufacturer of rubber and rubber-metal parts used in vehicle and household appliances manufacturing, water and sewage, and…industries


Agricultural Machines

Polymerkaran is ready to accept orders for producing every kind of rubber parts with various kinds of elastomers like NR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, CR, Silicon Rubber, Eco, and Viton. These rubber parts can be made in different sizes and with precision. Simultaneously with designing and making molds, the company can design the compound formula according to the physical and mechanical features and technical information provided by the client. To achieve this end, the company provides for its clients consulting services regarding product design and improving their function.


The products can be single-component, or a composite of rubber with metal or fiber.


 Agricultural machines : Different kinds of shock absorbers , dampers , dust seals , sealing gaskets, orings , packing , etc. for all tractors.

Agricultural Machines 1
Agricultural Machines 2